Travel Town

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Travel Town invites players into a vibrant world of exploration and merging. In this captivating merge game, players embark on a journey to rebuild a neglected town. By merging various items, they unlock new resources and tools, helping them to restore the town's former glory.

As players progress, they discover unique items and artifacts, each contributing to the town's development. The game offers a blend of strategy and creativity, encouraging players to think critically about their merges to achieve the best outcomes. With its engaging gameplay and charming graphics, Travel Town provides an entertaining experience for both casual and avid gamers alike.

Key Features[edit]

  • Diverse range of items to merge and discover.
  • Challenging quests and missions.
  • Beautifully designed landscapes and structures.
  • An engaging storyline that unfolds with each level


Items (Travel Town)
Chests & Boosters:
Story (Travel Town)